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We provide local businesses the ability to further connect with their target customers. Let our team of Marketing Specialists help you build your business credibility.

Our Team

We have been serving the local businesses and residents of North Carolina for over 20 years!

Tarheel Media Solutions was founded in 1998 by Jeff Hayes, and began as a local business directory publishing company. The first directory was published for Rocky Mount and Tarboro, NC. From there we have branched out into the online advertising world, helping our customers stay on top of
digital trends and attract new customers.

Our marketing team works hard to put businesses, like you, in front of the most customers possible. Today, that includes a multi-faceted
marketing and advertising approach through online digital marketing solutions.

We help our customers grow their business. We are based in Clayton, and service the entire state of North Carolina, as well as Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Oregon, and Ohio. Tarheel Media Solutions has recently opened a remote office located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Our professional marketing specialists are ready to help you design the most effective, beneficial online advertising program for your business. Our customers trust Tarheel Media Solutions because of our community focus and involvement,
beautiful & effective website designs and our many affordable online marketing opportunities.

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A website builds your credibility by providing an established presence online.

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