Mobile Marketing

Why should you go mobile? Everyone is on their phones!

  • Consumers check their phones 150 times per day on average.
  • 95% of people read a text received within 3 minutes.
  • An analysis featured in Health Services Research found that text message reminders increased appointment or event attendance by nearly 50%.
  • Texted coupons are redeemed 10x more than printed coupons.
  • Text marketing produces engagement rates 6-8 times higher than email.

Ignoring mobile marketing means you are missing a huge opportunity to reach your customers directly in their pockets! The best part about utilizing mobile marketing solutions (besides being able to directly connect with customers and receive an instant response) is the low cost! Tarheel’s mobile marketing solutions are affordable, allowing you to see a larger return on investment than most types of advertising.

How Does It Work?

Sending direct messages to your customers is similar to email marketing with much higher results. Customers must opt-in to receive text messages to create a customer database of clients who have opted into your text list so you can send text messages to them.

From there, you can use a variety of our mobile marketing products to reach customers directly! This can be a text message, an appointment reminder, a text to win contest, and more! There are also other products available, such as a Digital Loyalty Club so you can say goodbye to plastic rewards cards.

A pizza shop sent out a one-day only special offer to their text list. The result: 41 people showed the text and 85 people came in with their friends. The pizza shop made over $1,700 in hours!

Why Tarheel Media Solutions?

We provide a mobile platform for you to manage all of your mobile marketing efforts as well as the option to have us manage your entire program on your behalf! Our digital specialists will guide you to success at no extra charge – think of it as your very own personal consultant for free! We will provide:

  • Training on how to use the platform
  • Coaching on how to grow your list
  • Example text messages that have worked for other businesses like yours
  • The option to let us create and schedule text message offers
  • Availability to answer your questions any time

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