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What All Tarheel Websites Include

Creative Visual-Based Design
  • Logo: Your logo will be one of the primary identifying factors of your brand. You’ll need something that can confidently represent you and your services and can grow over time.
  • Site Colors: Your site colors should match or complement your brand’s colors, which should also be reflected in your logo.
  • Custom Pages: Your site will cater to your business needs, talk about your services, showcase your work and make sure people can contact you.

Custom Text-Based Content
  • Your Business Tagline: Including a tagline or a personal statement on your website can create an image in the mind of the visitor about the services you offer.
  • Your Story: Your story is important to your brand. An “About Us” page is where you tell your story and help your brand appeal to an audience, giving them a reason to choose you over your competitors.
  • Your Products & Services: Tell the world what you offer, what you do and what services you provide. This is one of the most important pages of your site. 

Links & Social Media
  • If you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels, it’s time to get on them. We can add the links to these social channels to your website which encourages a funnel of visitors and increase the value of your brand.
  • We update your business listing with your new site to help people in your area find your business!

All Tarheel sites are search optimized,
social media friendly and mobile ready.